Male Psychology

I am a member of the Male Psychology Network so am aware how men and women sometimes have different needs, goals and ways of working with a counsellor and I aim to adapt the way we work to suit each person.

I’m pictured here with other 2016 conference attendees and have been invited to give a short presentation at the 2017 conference.



Why a Male Psychology Section?

For a number of years now, there has been a growing awareness that some issues affect men and boys more than women and girls. One obvious example is that suicide rates are roughly three times higher in men than women. Despite this and other important gender differences (for example in addiction, homelessness, imprisonment and educational performance) there has been relatively little attention paid – even within our own discipline of psychology – to why males are disproportionately affected by these serious issues.

14694903_10210936183223708_610019067_nI am also a member of the Men and Boys Coalition.