This is what some have said: (names have been changed)

“Phill’s a great listener, patient and understanding helped me see my problems from a different perspective.”

Camille aged 40, originally from East Asia

“I was miserable when I first begun the sessions, but Phill’s advice and experience has helped me with my divorce/separation.”

Gabriela age 25 originally from South America

A very positive experience, Phill listened and validated how I felt as well as being challenging and exploring my issues.”

 Warwick aged 49 from Clapham

As someone with no previous experience of counselling, I came into this not knowing what to expect and unsure of how it may help me. However, based upon my experiences working with Phill, I cannot recommend his approach highly enough. At a very difficult time in my life, working with Phill has helped me towards a more positive place in my life and feel empowered about any future challenges that may come my way. I also know that if I feel I need a space to work through future problems then Phil provides a space within which I can comfortably do this.”

 Robert age 35  originally from Liverpool

“Sensitive and compassionate counselling whilst firmly steering the individual towards recognising and addressing their own issues.”

 Julie age 45  telephone counselling